It Was a Good Day

Today we drove to Nashville to meet my babydaddy. He offered to meet halfway, y’all, and I didn’t hesitate to take him up on it. Lindsey wanted to leave yesterday, but that would have meant a 20-hour trip for us. No thanks. We may make the trip next weekend to visit with Sarah (it’s been a while) and my parents (their anniversary is May 31) and my niece (she’s turning six). Hopefully, we’ll have the money to go.

It was a nice drive – beautiful weather for it, and an hour delay due to road construction. We talked and listened to the radio. Between Lindsey saying “scan it, Mom” and me saying “in a minute, Linds”, Carl managed to get a few words in edgewise. As we passed by a small RV in which the driver was, um, how do you say – picking his nose – I pointed out the Winnebago logo on the side. Carl said “Nah, it’s a Winnebooger.” This is why I married him, y’all. He cracks me up.

I made babydaddy promise to have the girls call me daily, and I reminded him that teenagers being, you know, teenagers, he would have to keep an eye on her. And his thumb. It just goes with the territory. After I hugged and kissed her ‘bye, we headed home.

The return drive was quiet. Peaceful. No radio, a little conversation. Our very first road trip was like that. Carl had flown to Memphis where I picked him up at the airport. We spent the weekend together in Arkansas before I took him back to Memphis to catch his flight home. We stayed a little too long at my mom’s, and he missed his flight. I offered to drive him home, and he accepted. We drove 10 hours and never once turned on the radio. We talked and laughed and sang the entire trip. We enjoyed each other’s company so much and learned more about each other than we had on all our previous dates combined. I’ll never forget that. Never in my life have I felt more comfortable with any person other than my kids. We still like to drive in silence.

While it’s hard being apart from my kids, our marriage needs some undivided attention. We’re looking forward to having some time alone for the next 10 weeks.

I would like to ask a favor of all you. Please be in prayer for my girls. I know they’re in God’s hands, so I don’t worry about their needs being met, but I also know their dad. Pray for him, too. Maybe they will be an influence on him rather than being influenced by him. He isn’t the enemy, I hope, but it’s hard to tell whose team he’s playing on. We need backup of the spiritual warfare kind.

God is faithful, and His plan is perfect. He will not fail.



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3 responses to “It Was a Good Day

  1. BooMama

    I will be praying. I actually was thinking tonight that I need to start a whole new prayer list for my bloggy friends. Maybe we need to set up an email list so that we don’t have to air ALL our business to the interweb. Something to think about….

    I tell you – having a husband who makes you laugh is the best (and as David and I just died laughing at the exact same part of Saturday Night Live, I’m reminded that shared senses of humor are pretty groovy, too).

  2. Brenda

    Thank you so much.

    One of the reasons I started my other blog is so I could get a list of others who need prayer. Praying for others is a very good way to keep the focus off ourselves.

  3. Barb

    Sarah and Lindsey will be in my prayers from this minute on. Ten weeks is difficult. Not sure I could have done it when my girls were teenagers and oh how thankful I am I was never in a position like the one you face now. I can tell you’re worried about them being under their father’s influence that long. But don’t forget, you’re their mom and that’s a pretty big influence, too. And you’re OK in my book!

    The ten hour road trip with Carl sounds like it was divine intervention. I love those kinds of trips when you’re just so comfortable with each other there’s no need to fill in the silence.

    I hope the girls call you a lot. I love summer but I can sure see where you’re hoping it flies by.


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