Thursday Thirteen – Reasons I Love My Husband

Carl and I met online about 6 months before we decided to meet in person. On our first date, he felt something inside his sweater and turned up the front hem to see what it was. When I saw the safety pin, I said the first thing that popped into my head: Aww, did you lose your lunch money? The sound of his laughter was music to my ears. A year and half later, on March 10, 2004, we exchanged wedding vows at the Old Mill in North Litle Rock, Arkansas.

It’s funny that this would be the topic of today’s 13. Just yesterday, when I told him I love him, he asked, “Why?” and I said, “There is no Y in love, dear.” To be completely honest, I love him for every reason and for no reason at all. How do you narrow that down? I’ll give it a try.

1) He is extremely intelligent, but he doesn’t make me feel stupid. He challenges me to think for myself and values my opinion.

2) He is a funny, funny man, and I can make him laugh. Love that.

3) He is a handyman. He can fix just about anything and loves working with his hands. Anyone who calls on him for help knows that he will not turn them down, and he will not accept payment for odd jobs they ask him to do.

4) He is muli-talented. Art, poetry, music – his creativity astounds me. He has played the guitar professionally, both in studio and with a band. He knows every Don Williams song, and I love it when he plays and sings for me. He’s also very modest and won’t admit to being good, but trust me. He’s good.

5) He is romantic. Playing guitar and singing to me? Writing poetry for me? Most romantic man I’ve ever met. He enjoys holding hands and walking in the park, candlelight dinners, picnics, and quiet evenings at home.

6) He is thoughtful. He’s always asking “is there anything I can do for you?” He is affectionate. Hugs and kisses me all the time, touches me when he walks by.

7) He is generous to a fault. He cares nothing about material things and would rather give than receive.

8) He loves me like no other. He knows my faults and doesn’t pretend to think I’m perfect. He treats me with respect, opens the car door for me, rubs my feet, massages my shoulders. He thinks I’m beautiful and tells me so. He doesn’t expect me to do things for him that he can do for himself. He appreciates everything I do for him. I am his equal, not his servant.

9) He is a family man. He loves his kids and has a wonderful relationship with their mother. He cares very much for my kids, would do anything for them, and is waiting for them to give him a chance. He does not tolerate disrespect of their mother (or other mother) from any of the kids. Activities are kid-centered, not dad-centered.

10) He’s handsome. Rugged, but not rough. Strong, but not muscle-bound. My masculine geek (that makes him laugh).

11) He is committed. He doesn’t scope out other women. He would never set foot in a “gentleman’s club” and finds Hooters offensive. He likes my mind and my company, not just my looks (good thing, too, since they’re starting to fade.) He rarely leaves home without me.

12) He is confident. Not the least bit jealous. Not a hint of insecurity. He does not doubt my love for him, and he trusts me completely. We don’t keep secrets from each other. He doesn’t judge or accuse.

13) He accepts my family and treats my parents with respect.

For all these reasons and more, I love this man who calls me his wife.



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6 responses to “Thursday Thirteen – Reasons I Love My Husband

  1. Diane

    You are very fortunate and blessed, Brenda. It’s good that you recognize it and tell him that you appreciate him, too. 🙂

  2. Barb

    You know what I love? This is the first photo you’ve published in your blog. What a beautiful picture of the two of you. It gives me chillbumps that you two met each other. I suspect you both feel like finding each other was a gift from above. Wonderful post. I’m so glad I tagged you on this!


  3. Brenda

    My husband read this, and said “It’s very sweet, but it’s not true. I married you for your money.”
    That would be reason #14 – he thinks I’m rich.

  4. BooMama

    Girl, you got a good one.

    Very, very sweet list.

  5. Grafted Branch

    He sounds great, and you are just the one to appreciate all those wonderful things and not let them go to waste.

    God bless the both of you in your (fairly) new marriage!

    Found you through Adventures of MeeJee. Glad I did.

  6. Blessed Beyond Measure

    Loved reading your 13 list. Your photo was great too – you’re even prettier in that photo. I also married a handy guy – I’ve been thankful for that one many times over. When people ask why we married, he jokes and tells them I married him for his money because we both know he didnt have any and it was just pure love. xoxoxo

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