Just for Clicks

The snapshots here, here, and here were taken in March of this year on our honeymoon/anniversary/business trip to San Francisco using my old Kodak VR35. We were very impressed with the photos, and Carl was sure the talent was mine, so he encouraged me to get a new (more expensive) camera and take up photography.

I loved the idea, especially since we both enjoy the outdoors. He loves flyfishing, and since I’d rather watch anyway, I can still accompany him and practice my new “hobby” as well.

I am less inclined to believe that I have any real talent behind a camera, because I prefer scenic photography, and it is our Father who created all things magnificent. I’m just here to appreciate the wonder of it all.

I suggested that Carl write poems to accompany the photos, but I think I’m enjoying more searching for scriptures to go along with them. I would love your input in this endeavor. If you have any suggestions for a scripture match to any of the photos posted, please leave a comment in the “responses” section of the respective post. Even if I’ve already selected a passage, you may have an even better suggestion. If so, I’d love to hear it.

This is not a contest, as I have no Fabulous Prizes to offer, unless my appreciation of your opinion counts for something. I do hope you’ll play along just for clicks.



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4 responses to “Just for Clicks

  1. Grafted Branch

    you say you’re just appreciating the wonder of it all, but really there is an artistic talent in the capture for the rest of us to see. Your composition is beautiful. I’ve no better verses to go with the pics, but I’ll keep checking in.

    Found you through MeeJee’s on the CWO ring. Nice to “meet” you.

  2. Blessed Beyond Measure

    gorgeous photography – whether you think youre talented at the shooting the photo, you obviously have a great eye. Georgeous – hope you haved these blown up and framed somewhere.

  3. Texas Gal

    Oh My Gosh!!! They are beautiful!!!

  4. Barb

    Absolutely beautiful, Brenda. You’re obviously talented and buying the new camera was money well spent. If I could take photos like this, I’d spend as much on frames as you did on the camera!


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