Random thoughts…

I need a haircut. I like it short, and so does my husband. I’m a wash’n’go kinda girl. My daughters, on the other hand, had been begging me to let it grow out. They liked it better long. Back in March, we all went to get our hair did, and I had them choose the “right look” for me.

Surprisingly, they both agreed with my husband and selected a cute little do that was short but not too boyish. The one they decided on was not the one I ended up with. We had printed out pictures of the cuts we wanted and took them to Great Clips.

Both of them got pretty much what they wanted, but the lady who got ahold of me seemed more interested in talking my ear off than in getting my cut right. She glanced at the picture a time or two, all the while snipping away. Before she was done, I hated it.

I think when I said “I’d like it to look like this picture” she heard me say “I don’t want it to look anything like this picture, and as a matter of fact, if you could make it look more like you took a weedeater to it, that’d be great.” At least I didn’t pay full price. I think I’d have cried if not for the coupon.

Babydaddy hated my hair short. He said I look too much like my brother. We do, in fact, look a lot alike, except that he’s more than a foot taller than me, doesn’t fill out double d cups, and wears a size 13 shoe. Yep, we’re practically identical.

Then again, we all bear a strong family resemblance. Every friend or acquaintance of my parents I’ve ever met has commented that they knew right away who I belong to. That kinda makes it hard for me not to claim my relatives or for them not to claim me.

What if I bore that strong a resemblance to Christ? If people just knew right away “that there’s a child of God, no doubt about it”, wouldn’t that be wonderful? I have to admit that too often it’s not that obvious.

I am ever so thankful that He still claims me as His own, bad hair days and all.



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4 responses to “Random thoughts…

  1. Sherri

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for you comment. I love comments!!! Your’s is a hoot, like minds and all. I’ll be back.


  2. Blessed Beyond Measure

    Nothing worse than a bad haircut. And when they cut it too short its hard to fix. Hopefully your hair grows fast, I hear it does in the summer, generally. Until then, cute floppy gardening hat?

  3. Barb

    I wear my hair short, too. You and I have the same haircut! I’ve always wondered how anyone could mess up such a simple, short haircut but Great Clips has done it to me every single time. And I’ve always thought, like you, that the women who work there must be completely starved for someone to talk to because they NEVER stop talking. I have way too much information about every GC lady who has ever worked on me. And you just sit there, watching them ruin you hair, and can’t get a word in edgewise to suggest they might want to take a look at the mess they’re making. So my solution? I will NEVER go to GC again. Period. Even on a tight budget, I gladly pay $37 for a GOOD haircut at an upscale salon. Worth it to me. Every picture I’ve ever seen of Jesus, his hair looks nice. So He certainly wasn’t going to Great Clips!


  4. Judith

    Brenda, Barb is absolutely right about no more gc’s, nor any of the other cut rate places. I come from a long entrenched Depression era programming about what things cost, always trying to get a cheaper deal. But not anymore about hair cuts. I will pay whatever it costs for a good one, and tighten the budget somewhere else, like staying away from book stores and fast food places, (except for the one Mandy and I went to last night), Right now my hair is driving me crazy, and I will have to wait a while to even get the good cut. But if I have to wear head bands, sassy caps, I don’t care. A good cut can give you a built in “do”. Nails and pedicures can wait. Hair comes first. Judith.

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