Works for Me: Let Hubby Help

Last Friday after we got home from work, Hubs and I decided to do some last minute tidying before heading out to pick up the kids. I tackled the folding and putting away of the laundry while he ran circles around me doing his chores. He cleaned off the table, vacuumed the living room, fed and watered the dogs and cat, and took out the garbage. He’s fast and efficient. He’s so good, in fact, that I may never find anything he put away.So, we’re in the car on our way to get the kids. When I look over at him, he’s laughing to himself. I ask what’s so funny, and he runs down the list of tasks he accomplished while I folded laundry. Then he said “I was just thinking your next Works-for-Me post should be a picture of me!”

Excellent idea, don’t you think?

Now hurry on over to Shannon’s for more great tips!



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9 responses to “Works for Me: Let Hubby Help

  1. BooMama

    OH, that’s adorable! Now that’s a considerate hubby – not just helping you in your house, but thinking of your blog! Love it –

  2. janice

    that is too funny – so do you rent him out?

  3. Praying for your Prodigal

    Too funny! Love a man who helps out AND has a sense of humor!


  4. Mom2fur

    I think he’s a keeper! He’s like my husband, who also is great at helping around the house. I’m almost (but not quite) embarassed to say he does a better job that I do. Well, I do the day-to-day stuff and he does the heavier weekend cleaning (all with help from the kids.) I love men like this…who don’t run in fear from a broom.

  5. Grafted Branch

    Hey! I know him! He’s the morphing police officer from Terminator 2! 😉

  6. Brenda

    That is hilarious! He’s been told that before. I’ll have to tell him you recognized him.

  7. Barb

    My hubby lives on pins and needles even contemplating what he may see on my blog so yes, Carl’s a gem. Lucky you! We have a deal here – I take care of inside and Rob takes care of outside. Works for us. Besides, he wouldn’t dare clean or move anything in MY territory!


  8. Paula

    That’s funny!!! What a great guy! Do you think he’d work for me too? Just jokin’.

  9. Brenda

    I have considered renting him out, but he doesn’t like to charge for good deeds. He’s high in demand here.

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