Group Project

I did promise to share about a project that our Baptist Women (younger generation WMU) group took part in, so here it is.

I suggested that we get together and have a “quilting bee” to teach our daughters to sew. Several of the ladies were hesitant because many of them didn’t know how either, and only 3 of us had machines. But when I told them what I thought we should make, they all wanted to participate. I showed them the denim quilt I had made and told them how easy it was. All we needed was enough denim to make lap quilts for the seniors at the local retirement home. We asked all of our church members to donate old jeans, but only if they were unwearable. And boy did they ever. We had boxes and boxes full of worn out jeans, flannel shirts, and several old sheets. We were in business.

Everyone took home something to cut into squares, and we met together for two Saturdays to assemble them all. We had a fabulous time fellowshipping and working together to make those quilts. And y’all, I thought my quilt was cool. It was nothing like these. The ones we made were denim and flannel on one side and muslin or cotton blend on the other. Durable, but not too heavy. They were very nice.

The best part was delivering the quilts to the nursing home residents. The way their faces lit up when we presented their gifts was unforgettable.

It truly is more blessed to give than to receive.


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