Dialogue With a One-Way Mirror in Victoria’s Secret

As she disappears to the back of the store,
he beats a path to the coffee shop next door.

In the silence of the dressing room,
her reflection taunts her.

Can you imagine your dump-truck
butt in that tiny thing?

It is really cute, though.

I suppose you could enlist a personal trainer,
maybe get deal-a-meal. A bikini-wax is in order,
and you really should do something about those
spider veins: sclerotherapy or laser treatment?

Who am I kidding? I don’t even
have the courage to try it on!

She leaves the swimsuit hanging and finds
her husband waiting, just as she had instructed.

He asks, “Did you find anything?”
She shakes her head.
“Nah, too expensive.”

I wrote this last year in answer to a challenge to write a poem using the following words:
dump-truck, deal, courage, path, personal, instruction, silence, coffee, spider, wax



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11 responses to “Dialogue With a One-Way Mirror in Victoria’s Secret

  1. Dawn

    Too funny! I went in VS to get a gift certificate for my DIL. Felt totally in a foreign land!! Not to mention my horrendous perfume allergy – a great reason to stay out of there.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Brenda

    Dillard’s is the store I have to avoid because of the men’s cologne section – I have to cover my mouth and nose to walk through there. Women’s perfumes don’t bother me as much.

  3. Diane

    The reason it’s Victoria’s SECRET is because most women wouldn’t want ANYONE to see what they look like in that stuff!! They don’t even make bras to fit me, much less anything else. Not that I’d want hubby or anyone else for that matter seeing me in any of that garb. Plumb scary……LOL. πŸ™‚

  4. Krissy

    I’m impressed! I would have a very hard time doing that because I am not very good at writing poetry but that was awesome!

    I used to be a Victoria’s Secret snob, that’s ALL I would wear. Now, I just keep on walking when I come up to the store!

  5. Barb

    Two words. Pajamas and cotton underwear. Ok, three words. I LOVE VS. They’re lounging pj’s are the best and although I slither past all the teenie tiny little silkie things they call bras and panties, their cotton underwear is to die for and last forever. I find myself in there every Christmas buying gift certificates for the younger members of my family, too.

    I’m very impressed you used all those seemingly unrelated words in a poem. The way your mind work never ceases to amaze (and surprise me)!


  6. Brenda

    Carl bought me a pair of those jammies, I mean lounging clothes, and I love ’em. I’m married to a man who isn’t embarrassed to shop at VS by himself. Love that, too.


  7. Praying for your Prodigal

    WOW! What a cool writing challenge–and did you ever meet the challenge! Who would have thought that you could capture our emotions so exactly! GREAT job!


  8. Janet Rubin

    brilliant! I had a piece in my blog archives called “Dressing Room Nightmare”. I do love the beach, but trying on swimsuits? No fun!

  9. theresa

    That is a great poem! Did you win? You should have…that was greatness πŸ™‚

  10. Brenda

    It got a lot of votes, but it didn’t win.

  11. Pass The Torch

    What a great poem! Shoulda won;)

    I like your blog.

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