We interrupt this program to bring you the most current news in the world of me, the blogger known as Brenda, which, coincidentally, is my name. I’ll also answer to Brender, Mom, Mrs. Brenda, Aunt Brenda, Bren, honey-darlin’-sweetie pie or witchy-poo (depending upon which mood the hubster thinks I’m in, and he’s entitled to his opinion even if he’s wrong, so let’s just leave it at that, shall we?) and/or hey beautiful. What? It could happen.

Tomorrow is the last day of our fiscal year at work, and they threw us a party this evening to celebrate. We left work early for the festivities, which included our own version of American Idol and a drawing for door prizes. Y’all, I won a door prize! I rarely win anything, but today I won a coffee table book donated by the Georgia Museum of Art. “California Impressionists” sounds impressive, no? I love my job.

So far, I’ve received no response to the email I sent to my home church regarding the questionable link on their website. I sent it to the pastor and the youth minister a week ago and a couple of days later to the church secretary. I even sent a second email suggesting another link they could use instead. Still haven’t contacted the webmaster, which is probably what I should have done in the first place, and haven’t decided yet if I will. I’m trying to figure out why it matters so much. I mean, I know why I care what they have on their website – because I’m still a member there. But why does it bother me that I’ve gotten no response? Carl suggests the possibility, regardless of the close relationship I had working with them for 5 years, that they haven’t taken kindly to the idea of men being rebuked by a woman. Could be, I guess. I hope they didn’t take the email to be rude. It’s not the first email I’ve sent to the pastor. The last one was rather heartfelt, a note of appreciation and encouragement, following a service I attended in which his sermon ministered to me. No reply to that one either, but it didn’t bother me like this does. Leaves me feeling kinda church-homeless.

Maybe they forgot to wind the internet. It is Hooterville, and high-speed access wasn’t available when I was there. Oh well.

Thank you all for your prayers for my girls. Keep ’em coming if you would – we’re not out of the dark yet. I don’t speak with them daily, though I try. It’s comforting that they are together, and I have informed them that I do not intend to let them be separated again. Yesterday, when I spoke to Sarah, I asked her once again to pray that God would give her a desire to grow in her faith and a willingness to trust Him in all things. She said she would. I’m praying that He’ll strengthen the bond between them and prepare her to come with her sister for the school year. I would so rather have either or both of them resent me now for uprooting them than to have them resent me the rest of their lives for not seeing to it that they were firmly rooted in Christ. Whatever it takes, Lord. Whatever it takes.

Well, that about wraps it up. God bless you for stopping by. Hope your day is absotively, posilutely wondermous!



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5 responses to “Update…Update…Update

  1. Diane

    Brenda, I’ll have you know I live pretty close to Hooterville, and WE have DSL, but I don’t know about them. However….my internet was off for about 8 hours today due to a FARMER cutting a fiber-optic cable. The whole state of Arkansas and part of Southern Missouri was offline for 8 hours because of a farmer, folks. Only in the South…LOL 😉

    BTW…You’ve been tagged if you want to participate. 🙂

  2. BooMama

    Congrats on your fabulous prize. 🙂

    And the email with no response? It woud drive me crazy. Maybe you could call? Would that be weird?

    Or maybe they DID forget to wind the internet (LOVE THAT, by the way – may have to steal it).

  3. BeckyJoie

    Very nice blog. I will be visiting again.

  4. Barb

    I’m really glad you did this update because I was wondering about both issues, the link on your church web site and your girls. It would aggravate me if they didn’t respond to my email but it sounds like that’s not a new issue with them. I still think afterseeing that web site they need to get it off there.

    And your girls? They have this whole summer to bond and I bet they will. My sister and I haven’t lived remotely close to each other in twenty-five years but the sister connection is pretty strong. I, too, hope they agree with you they should stay together. And I’ll be lifting up some prayer that they do. You sure have to keep us updated on this one. xoxoxo

  5. Krissy

    Maybe the church is emabarassed that the link was there and they don’t know how to respond…although that is a little rude and unprofessional to not even acknowledge your email!

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