Prayer Requests

Usually I put these posts on my prayer blog, but it doesn’t get as much traffic, and we need to get the word out. Please pray for Amy and her family, Elise and her boys, Paulette and her children, this family, and this family. Updated to add Addison and her parents.

If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know. I consider it a privilege to lift up my brothers and sisters in prayer, whether or not I know their names or their needs.

God bless you!



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6 responses to “Prayer Requests

  1. Paulette

    I just read Paul died this evening. I am so sad for Elise and Boomama. It is so sad.

  2. Grafted Branch

    I visited them all. So much sadness and so much reliance on the Lord. I’m humbled and encouraged all at the same time.

  3. Barb

    We all feel so awful for BooMama. I know her heart is broken. I’m following and praying for all these people who need our help.

  4. Blessed Beyond Measure

    Brenda, thank you so much for praying for Addison, and asking others also. And for adding to my list of others to be praying for. Sometimes the best thing we can do, when we have a lot on our heart, is to pray for someone else.

  5. Diane

    I’m praying, too, Brenda, for all of them. God is faithful.

  6. Dawn

    Thank you so much for making us aware of these huge needs.

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