Quick Update

First, remember to pray for Addison, her doctors, and her family. Her surgery is (tomorrow) Thursday.

Second, if your family is intact, if your husband is a godly provider and spiritual leader in the home, if your home is filled with love, if your marriage is solid and your children are safe and sound, hit your knees and thank Almighty God for His blessings. Pray a hedge of protection around your family. Do not let down your guard.

Third, please pray for Kayla and Randy. Kayla is the girl I mentioned at the bottom of my previous post, and Randy is her dad. I spoke with him today, and he is appreciative of my interest in and desire to help her. He did not kick her out, and he wants her to come home. I did offer my home to her, stipulating that I would be in contact with her dad and that she would have to abide by rules very similar to his. She declined the offer.

Thank you all for you encouragement and support through prayer. You are in my prayers as well.



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9 responses to “Quick Update

  1. Grafted Branch

    Well, you sure have that right about thanking God and praying for His protection.

    Anything could happen at any moment to anyone of us to change everything.

    Early in my walk I overheard a terrible story of parental neglect and abuse. I was with my uncle and asked, “Uncle, what is wrong with people that they can do such things?”

    He answered, humbly but frankly, “The same thing that is wrong with all of us.”

  2. Heather

    The Lord has been so good to us. He has bought my husband and myself through some deep water and we came out stronger. All around us we are surrounded by those who did not, including my own parents who divorced recently after 28 years of marriage and my husband’s, who’s father left when he was 2. I praise the Lord daily for His goodness in drawing us closer to Him and each other. He has healed and protected our marriage and is growing our children in Himself. His protection and strength are all that keep us, for if we were left to ourselves we would be in the same place as so many others.

  3. Laurel Wreath

    Amen. Still praying for your during your journey. You have a sweet tender heart, the Lord is going to use that in a mighty way.


  4. Blessed Beyond Measure

    Thank you sweet Brenda. So appreciate mentioning Addison. She went in for anesthesia at 7:33 am central time. xoxoxo

  5. Belle-ah

    Thanks for being a light. Yes, we all need to stay in prayer with a thanks filled heart…even for the challenges or the situations that we deem “less that perfect”. (((hugs)))

  6. Clemntine

    May you be empowered with wisdom and grace by the Holy Spirit as you offer the hands and heart of Jesus to Kayla.

  7. Barb

    Thanks for mentioning the prayer we need for the baby today, Brenda. And her mom. And HER mom.

    I’m praying Kayla will open her eyes and realize what you’re offering her.


  8. Dawn

    I am thanking God for my husband at this moment! Also for my parents’ 60th anniversary Sunday and my in-laws 65th anniversary a month ago. I am blessed! (I posted about my in-laws under A Servant Heart a few days ago).

  9. Dawn

    Isn’t it hilarious – we all think each other better than ourselves! You’re right on – we each have our niche in this blogging world (and the real world!)

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