Kids Meme

My good friend Barb has tagged me yet again. She knows I can’t resist any opportunity to talk about my kids. Fortunately for you, I only get to share 3 things about each of them. This is the best photo we have of all of them together, taken several years ago, and it’s one of my favorites.

1) She’s 16 going on 21. She’s fashion-conscious and loves to shop. I miss having her as my wardrobe consultant.

2) She was the best baby ever. Never fussed, slept all night every night from the minute she was born, and would entertain herself for hours with the toys in her crib.

3) She’s smart, talented, funny, and she loves babies. She hopes to be a pediatrician someday.

1) She’s 14 and very athletic. She cares more about comfort than fashion. She’s fun to shop with because she’s easy to please.

2) She walked early, and was always so bouncy and bubbly. She loved to sing, and her giggle was contagious.

3) She’s smart, talented, funny, and loves animals. She plans to be a veterinarian.

1) Emily is 13 and very self-conscious. She doesn’t like to be noticed.

2) She’s extremely intelligent and very talented. She has an amazing singing voice.

3) She’s got a great sense of humor and loves to pick on her little brother.

1) Andrew is 11 and is all boy. He’s cute and sweet, though not terribly affectionate.

2) He likes to imagine blowing things up. He loves computer games and sci-fi movies.

3) He’s extremely intelligent and very funny. He enjoys tormenting his big sister.

They’re an eclectic bunch, not well-blended, but we’re working on that.



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9 responses to “Kids Meme

  1. Grafted Branch

    Well they each sound very wonderful. Isn’t God so creative?

    And blending? I guess time is your best friend for that one.

    Glad to see you blogging again. 3 whole days?! I was worried. 😉

  2. Brenda

    I was curled up with a novel that I just couldn’t put down.

  3. Dawn

    You are looking more like Minnie Pearl all the time! But she only had one tag, didn’t she??

  4. Melanie

    Welcome back! Missed your posts.

  5. Diane

    *&$#@% Bloglines is NOT notifying me when some blogs have new posts! So…..I’m schlepping back and forth checking to see when people post new stuff, just like in the old days…like, about 3 weeks ago, LOL. ;D

    Just found this and loved what you have to say about your kids. The blending will come with time and love, dear heart. 🙂

  6. Paulette

    I loved how you were so expressive about your kiddo’s. You did a great job.
    I hope you are doing ok. I am still praying for you my dear friend. I was glad to see your new post. I agree with grafted Branch, 3 days alittle long. Thats ok though, you are just missed.

  7. Barb

    No pressure there, huh Brenda? Everyone in the whole world noticed you were gone three days! Please don’t tell them who recommended the book that kept you away. She’s great, isn’t she? Bloggityville will be sorry to hear I can also recommend ALL her other books!

    I love love getting to know your kids better. Don’t be looking for any blending at this age — but about ten years from now, you’ll have trouble prying them apart. I promise.


  8. Brenda

    Thanks for the welcome back, y’all. It’s good to be missed!

    Barb, I loved the book, and now I’m really wanting to go see the island.

  9. Pamela

    What a wonderful tribute to your children. My daughter was very athletic like Sarah but then ended up more like Lindsey, it was so odd seeing her suddenly doing the girly girl thing with the makeup and all. Andrew likes to pretend he is blowing up things…he’s all boy isn’t he. 🙂

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