Mo’ Betta Beta

I’ve been asked about making the switch from Blogger to Blogger beta, so in the interest of keeping my faithful readers (Diane and Barb) informed, here are a few of the differences I’ve noticed so far about Blogger beta:

Email notifications now indicate on which post you received a comment and include a link to that person’s blog as well as a link to your own post.

Switching is easy, but it takes several minutes. Be prepared to wait. I haven’t noticed anything gone missing, so we’ll assume that means you don’t lose anything in the process. Other than several minutes of blogging time.

I don’t know if this was just a glitch from yesterday, but when I tried to post comments, I couldn’t use my blogger ID. I had to click “other”, and type in my URL.

The edit posts page shows how many comments each post has received.

There is a customize design option that allows you to drag and drop items in your template if you are HTML or CSS challenged. I haven’t tried this yet. I redesigned mine the old fashioned way. : )

Are you using the new Beta Blogger? If so, how do you like it? Let us know!



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17 responses to “Mo’ Betta Beta

  1. Mommy Dearest

    It’s by invitation only – you got one! I’m not sure when it will be available to the rest of us… 😦 I’m excited to try the category option!

  2. BooMama

    I got a prompt to switch one day, but I ignored it b/c I was scared I would lose everything.

    So nothing exploded?

    I also notice that now your comment box has a little padlock in the corner – I guess that means it’s secure so that none of this SECRET GOVERNMENT INFORMATION can be hacked during transmission.

    I like the green and red you’ve added, by the way….

  3. Laurel Wreath

    I switched about a week ago. I do like the new comment thing, it tells you what post the person is commenting on.

    My main problem is posting comments. It does not rememer my stuff, and I have to retype my information every time I post. I even click “remember me” and it doesn’t.

    Also I would like to use the new feature of tags they offer, but as it is right now you have to use one of their templates. I have a custom one (but they say this is coming soon).

    that is about it.

  4. Brenda

    Yes, commenting is a real pain now. I hope they get that glitch fixed soon.

  5. Praying for your Prodigal

    Haven’t heard of it…..are you part of a test sample of bloggers that get to try it?

    Sounds interesting–but a little scary for this computer illiterate blogging–mama!


  6. Brenda

    Hmmm. When I went to log in to blogger, I saw the blogger beta info to the right and clicked it instead. I don’t think you have to have an invitation.

  7. Melanie

    I am gonna stick to what I have. I am scared of losing all the nonsense.

  8. Diane

    Hmmmm….okay…I may just switch over my test blog and see what happens with it before I try it with my main blog. I can always delete the test blog and set up another one if I don’t like the beta version.

    Thanks for your input, Brenda. 🙂

  9. Tammy

    Well, I’m too chicken to switch right now…but wanted to say that I did the pizza meme just now!

    And count me in your group of faithful readers, Brenda! (Even though you up and tagged me!) 😉

  10. Connie

    I use the new version, I like it. I like that it’s easy to change my colors and the look of my blog. I don’t like that as of right now I can’t edit the html.

    Overall though, I’m glad I made the switch.

  11. Barb

    I’ve got the message on my dashboard that I can convert if I want to. So I emailed Susie at Blue Bird Blogs (she designed my blog) and asked her if there would be any problem with my design if I switched. She didn’t think there’d be a problem design-wise, but she told me there are still some glitches in beta. Have you come across any? I’m very tempted to do it. One thing that attracts me to the idea is that when my email notifies me a comment’s been posted, it tells me which post received the comment. I get new comments on posts I did a week ago and it takes a while to find them, so I really like that idea.

  12. Brenda

    The only major glitch I’ve run across is commenting. I have to keep logging in (about 3 times per comment), especially where word verification is enabled.

    Hubby tells me he’s not switching until they get the glitches worked out.

  13. Dawn

    I think I’ll stay with my generic, basic package – I’m kind of like that with most technology stuff! It takes me a long time. I don’t use a cell phone!

  14. Chappyswife

    Brenda~I so appreciate the info. I have keeping my eyes open to see what people have to say about beta. I’d like to switch, but am a little wary. Diane has an AWESOME idea!!! I may just switch my test blog over-what’s to lose? I do hope you will keep us updated with what you learn! Good stuff.

  15. Kristen

    Hmmmm…..sounds interesting. I might have to check it out. I like the idea of knowing which post received comments. That’s a plus.

  16. Pamela

    I got a little notice that I could switch to blogger beta but I was apprehensive when I learned you can’t switch back. In addition to what you all say about comments, I have had a terrible time trying to make comments on other blogs, just to find out later the little comment box showed up behind everything I had on the screen. I do like what I hear, I just think I’ll wait til they work out the glitches.

  17. Tammy

    testing…since you switched, beta blogger won’t let me reply…

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