Long Weekend

I used to love 3-day weekends, but these days all my long weekends are spent on the road traveling to visit my daughters. Now I do love to travel, and I am longing to go somewhere peaceful – camping in the mountains or relaxing on the beach – anywhere but Arkansas. It’s not that I don’t like Arkansas, it’s just that we go to the same place every time. Yes, most of my family is there, and I enjoy visiting with them; however, I don’t get to visit with them when we go because I’m always playing catch-up with my kids. I have so little time with them as it is, and there isn’t much parenting that can be done in a weekend.

Lindsey and I were again discussing our living arrangements a few days ago. She insisted that I should move back there because the only reason I’m here is my husband. Otherwise I would have moved long ago. She remembers hearing me and her dad talking lots of times about moving. What she doesn’t remember is that I wanted to move closer to the bars he frequented so he could crawl home rather than getting another DWI. Can’t very well tell her that, now, can I? He did talk about moving to Florida after he retires, but that’s still a few years away.

Once again, I explained to her how I came to be here, how God has given me confirmation in so many ways that I am finally on the right path, and that NO ONE is going to dissuade me from following His lead EVER AGAIN. I have been down that dark, lonely road, and let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. Her response? “Mom, that’s crap.” (Um, yeah, that smell? That’s smoke. I do believe somebody’s playing with fire.)

Seriously, I hope she’s just trying to make me angry and/or hurt my feelings. I pray that she hasn’t forgotten to Whom she belongs. A couple of days later, she called to ask if she could have her SIM card for her cell phone back. Right. I just paid off the $400 bill she racked up. It ain’t happening.

So we’ll be on our way in a few hours, and although I do want to see my girls and spend time with them, I’m not really excited about the trip. We’ll be staying with my parents in their huge house on the lake, just like we always do. My dad will sit in the living room in front of the television, channel surfing, and my mom will be reading the newspaper aloud to him from the adjoining dining room. This annoys him. I’m pretty sure she knows it, but she does it anyway.

We’ll join my dad in the living room, and as soon as we get interested in whatever show he selects from the plethora of satellite channels available, he’ll start clicking again. Then we’ll watch the polka channel. Woo Hoo! Or a Hee Haw marathon. Or both, you know, clicking back and forth between them during commercials. Oh there is never a shortage of entertainment with my folks. It’s almost comical, and probably would be if it were someone else’s family, like the Barones of Everybody Loves Raymond.

They do have internet access, but I won’t be blogging. I may get a chance to visit some of you, without leaving comments, of course. I’ll catch up with all of you when I get back.

Y’all have a safe and enjoyable weekend! You will be in my prayers.



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7 responses to “Long Weekend

  1. Barb

    Awww Brenda. I can tell you want to see your girls but you dread the trip. And I sure understand.

    I hate it that you’re so torn. And I hate it that instead of spending a long weekend like this, one everyone who’s ever worked appreciates getting, has to be spent in the same place every single time.

    Someday when everything’s the way it should be again, and that day WILL come for you, I hope you and your girls can go somewhere fun and actually just relax, without all the drama, and enjoy each other.

    I know it’s going to happen because I’ve been praying about it, I’m still praying about it and I will not stop praying about it until it does.

    But you knew that, didn’t you.

  2. Grafted Branch

    I’m praying for you and your girls. I hope you’ll surprise yourself and everyone with a great report on Tuesday.

    On to the funny stuff, though! What a great description of your parents’ home (that was funny, right)…I feel like I’ve looked in and caught them watching Hee Haw. B-o-r-i-n-g! I know, my parents are much the same way, only they used to surf between Hee Haw and 60 minutes.

  3. Laurel Wreath

    I was going to say the same thing Grafted Branch said…I hope God surprises you. If not I will be praying for you during this time. Let us know how it went when you return.

  4. theresa

    And, if it’s anywhere near Stuttgart, AR I feel your pain. 🙂 I’m sorry you are still struggling with the girls. I know it is very hard. I will say a special prayer for you tonight. ((hugs))

  5. Pamela

    Brenda, It sounds like your are going through some really tough times. I admire how you are putting your faith and trust in God first. I also lean on humor to get through a rather sad or what seems like an impossible time. Keep rising above it, you have to take time out for yourself…breath in the scent of a fresh cut flower, or lay back and picture a field full of them. Know that you can’t please everyone and with God all things are possible…*smile* I said a little prayer for you…keep the faith girl.

  6. Dawn

    I wrote twice Friday, and neither one went to you. I hope this one does! I feel bad that your long week-end will be fraught with emotions that are not the most fun! I hope you can get out of that big house with the big t.v. and enjoy the lake and the sky!

    I also hope and pray that your girls will see you as you are, and how much you love them. This is such a tough time! I haven’t gone through this scenerio, but have definitely have very tense times in our home. But, as others have said, your sense of humor is intact!


  7. Lauren

    By now, you’re peobbaly already on your way home. I sooooo hope that it was a better weekend than you’ve been having there. Or at leat have a funny story about Frank and Marie.

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