A Light at the end of the Tunnel

Most of you know about the situation with my girls and have been lifting us up in prayer, and I am ever so grateful for your caring hearts. More than that, I am thankful for God’s faithfulness to His children. You may recall the word of encouragement I received a few weeks ago at my women’s retreat from our speaker, who shared with me her vision of a train as she prayed over me. She felt that it meant to stay on track and keep moving forward. While I don’t know for sure what to make of her method, I do know that the Lord ministered to my heart through her teaching of His Word.

A few things have happened since then. First, before the retreat was over, I was invited to join the handbell choir, and I accepted the invitation. My first performance with them is next Sunday. Also, I have discovered a need for a prayer ministry in our school district, which is where my heart is. Unfortunately, my children are not in school here, and without them, I have no access to the names of the children who are enrolled. I shared that little bit of info with my girls, to make them aware of an opportunity to be useful, you know, a purpose other than having their own needs met. Of course, it meant little to them, as they seem perfectly content to stay right where they are. That hasn’t kept me from praying that God would give them a desire to be obedient to Him and to follow wherever He leads.

I have continued to encourage them to go to church, to read their Bibles, and to pray, without much response. However, I called them Saturday and told them not to make any plans that would interfere with church attendance on Sunday, and to be sure to go to church. For the sermon, not to work in the nursery. I had doubts that they would, but when I called Sunday morning, they were getting ready to go. Praise the Lord! I called again Sunday night to discuss the sermon with them, and Sarah had time only to tell me what it was about before she left to go to the store with her dad.

Lindsey called me just a little while ago, and though she couldn’t remember the sermon, she did inform me that she wants to come back here at semester. To stay. Y’all, I’m about beside myself! Further inquiry revealed that she and her dad aren’t getting along well, and I let her know that while I want more than anything for her to be here, I’d rather that not be the reason. She replied, “Mom, I need to be there. Dad isn’t taking care of me. He wouldn’t take me to my orthodontist appointment because he was mad at me. And I lied to you about him making the appointment. He didn’t. I did.” I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying “I told you so.”

I asked her to pray about her decision, and she told me that she was pretty sure she wouldn’t change her mind again. We shall see. I also spoke with Sarah, who actually said “yes” when I asked her if she would consider coming to stay. I encouraged her to pray that God would give her a willing heart. It seems that they are beginning to see the light.

I ask you now to continue praying that God will draw them to Him and return them to the care of their mother.

God is so good, and He is faithful, and I am rejoicing through tears.



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16 responses to “A Light at the end of the Tunnel

  1. Diane

    Brenda, you don’t know how happy I am to click over here and read this post. God is doing a work in your and your girl’s lives. I am so thankful that He is faithful and loving to us, and this post is certainly more evidence of that. I rejoice with you, and I can’t wait to hear more of how God’s working in your life.

    Yay!!!! Halelujiah!! Praise God!!

  2. Barb

    This is such good news, Brenda. It’s surprising, too. I was afraid the girls would stay where they are because there are fewer boundaries. But I’ve never stopped praying they would begin to wake up and realize they belong with you. It sure sounds like that’s exactly what’s happening. I’m so glad for you (and for them). xoxoxo

  3. lrlwreath

    How awesome, I will pray things will happen smoothly. Priase God!!!

  4. Praying for your Prodigal

    Praise God….from whom all blessings flow!!!!!!


  5. Dawn

    God is good. All the time!! Praise HIs Name!

  6. Cheryl

    Brenda, I am so happy to hear this news about your daughters. It’s got to be difficult for them to admit how things have been. It had to be difficult for you also, to bite your tongue. I’m proud of you.
    May the Lord continue to do a work in the girls and you, mend this relationship and guide each of you as you grow in Him.

  7. april

    Brenda, my heart is singing right now to read this post! Praise God; He is faithful and not slow in keeping His promises! That Light at the end of the tunnel is the Lord! (:

  8. PEZmama

    This is fantastic news. Oh, OH, OHHHH!

    I will be praying for the girls, and for you as well.


  9. Tammy

    This is wounderful, encouraging news, Brenda! God is so good!

  10. Belle-ah

    God is good and His timing is perfect. (((hugs)))

  11. Melanie

    Praise God!!! I am so excited for your girls. The fact that they got up and went to church without you- states away. Wow. Mom, you ARE making a difference in their lives through the life you live and the love you give. :>)

  12. Mommy Dearest

    Wow! I can imagine how excited you must be. I pray it all goes smoothly and you have your girls with you again.

  13. janice

    I can’t imagine how painful this seperation from your girl’s must be! What wonderful news – I am sending prayers that they will both be home soon!

  14. Paulette

    Brenda, I don’t believe that your girls leaving was about you at all. I think they just wanted to test there wings because they think it is always better somewhere else. Only time and distance shows our kids the real truth. I know they must miss you. I pray for you daily.

  15. Grafted Branch

    That’s great news. Very encouraging to see Him working. You know folks (including children) don’t know what they had until it’s gone? Maybe they know now. Praying and watching for updates…

  16. Kristen

    What a wonderful, amazing turn of events. By just praying and going about your business, it looks like your children may be returning to you. I will pray that things continue on this way for you.

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