Prayers Continue

Emma Grace and Heather
Barb & Rob
Kelli and family
Paulette and family
Kevin & Angie
Jordan’s family
Canon’s family
Joe and family
C H Green
Cheryl’s son and family
Chandra and Canon Perkins
Chris & Sarah and Addie
Travis & Reba and baby
Bev & Don
Diane & Lamar
Jessica & Jason
Don’s mom
Chris’s dad
Unspoken requests



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2 responses to “Prayers Continue

  1. Yellow Mama

    I pray for you today that the Lord will rain down his blessings on you this coming year. May the hurts of the past be left there, and the joy and hope of what lies ahead keep you moving the right direction! Blessings, and Merry Christmas

  2. Sue

    Brother Joe is busy
    He is trying on his Resurrection Body!!!!
    The Cancer that has riddled his body is no more.
    The scars of battles fought will soon be buried.

    The Fight is Over –
    The Race is Won –
    The Faith was Kept –
    The Crown of Righteousness is being placed upon him

    Well Done thou Good and Faithful Servant….

    At 5:50 tonight he drew his final breath
    Kevin, Mom, and I were by his side – what a wonderful blessing!!!


    Brenda, You can remove Joe from your prayer list. Thank you for your continued prayer. May God bless you and yours. -Sue

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