Prayer Request

The OB/Gyn called today with unsettling news. Lab reports came back abnormal. Colposcopy recommended.

My 17-yr-old daughter went 2 weeks ago for her first visit, and they didn’t even do an exam. Just a pregnancy test. I didn’t accompany her to the exam room because I didn’t think she’d want me to. I had filled out the forms while we waited for her to be called back.

I had made the appointment because she thought she had a (reason for the appointment). When I spoke with the nurse, I asked if it was ok to use an over-the-counter treatment. She said yes. I was concerned because the warning on the side of the box cautioned against using the treatment without having been previously diagnosed. However, it cleared up the condition.

We kept the appointment anyway, just to be sure. After we got in the car to leave, she told me that they hadn’t examined her. I marched her back in there and asked why. The NP told me that (birth canal) exams aren’t recommended until the age of 21, or three years after becoming (marital activity)ually active, whichever comes first. “So you don’t examine for (reason for the appointment)s?” I demanded to know. “Well, yes, but she said she didn’t have any symptoms.”

Okay, but she’s worried, and I’m concerned because the women in my family have a history of complications, including dysplasia. The NP tells me “HPV is an STD. It’s not hereditary.” True that, but it’s incredibly common, highly contagious, and can lead to cervical cancer. And considering our family’s history of OTHER FEMALE COMPLICATIONS, how ’bout a little peace of mind?

So she was examined. And the results are not good. And she’s scared.

Thank God we didn’t wait 3 more years.



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2 responses to “Prayer Request

  1. Lyndy

    My goodness Brenda thank the Lord you did not take no for an answer. It is a shame you have to beg to be treated by a doctor’s office.

    Please know I will be praying and please keep us posted.

  2. Yellow Mama


    I have a 17 year old daughter and I could sense your frustration at the doctor’s office.

    I pray for peace for your daughter. Healing sister…healing

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