Adventures in Missing the Point

Here’s an interesting article.



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2 responses to “Adventures in Missing the Point

  1. Wow, Brenda. I don’t know whether to take A. J. Jacobs seriously or not. His answer to the first interview question had me scratching my head. I wonder how he measured his coveting so that he knows he had it down to 40 percent.

    Here’s what stopped me dead in my tracks. Those photos of him as his beard’s growing? The longer his beard got, the more he became the absolute spitting image of my brother Jerry who committed suicide three years ago. It really stopped me cold. Shocking. Honestly, if I’d seen those photos standing alone, I’d have thought they were my brother.

  2. This is sad really. I wonder if he read the entire Bible. There is no reference to Christ. It just goes to show that the Bible is a mystery to the lost. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal Its Truths- apart from the message of salvation. I wanted to talk back to the computer when he mentioned the white clothing- “Only Christ can robe us in white, in His Righteousness.” Very, very sad.

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