Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while

I recently signed up for a facebook account so that I could keep an eye on my kids’ profiles and keep in touch with my nieces and nephews.  After I set up my account, I clicked “browse groups” and was checking out some of the group names, when I saw this one:

CDO- it’s like OCD but alphabetical, like it should be.

and it cracked me up.

Yeah, I know.  I don’t get out much.



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4 responses to “Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while

  1. So it’s compulsive disorder obsessive? I don’t get it. Sigh.

    I was just getting ready to email you and find out how you’re doing. Nice to hear from you again.

    But I still don’t get it. I guess it’s my OCD-ness.

  2. Elizabeth

    THAT is hilrious!

  3. Too funny!

    Seriously wondering if someone who is addicted to blogging could possibly be OCD? I’ll have to ask that very question when I go to my next meeting! Couldn’t be: OCD dictates that I have a certain order in my life…..which of course, I lost the moment I became a blogging addict!

    Too cute!


  4. I’m glad to come by here today and see you are still among the living! I hope you’re having a good Christmas season and that the kids are doing well.

    Catch us up in your inimitable style when you get a minute – or an hour!

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