It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

We decided this year to buy a pre-lit artificial Douglas fir rather than hassle with a live one. Lindsey said “Aww, I’m gonna miss the smell of a real tree.” And that got me to thinking. We could use pine-scented car air fresheners as ornaments!

She didn’t love the idea (too white trash for her taste), but she did agree that it would be fun to do just for photos – then we’d take them off and hang the real ornaments. So we went out last night and bought the tree. And a 3-pack of air fresheners. Yes we did.

After setting up the tree, I opened one of the air fresheners and hid it in the branches. One is enough, y’all. Our whole house smells like pine, only not overpowering like it would be in the car. So what started as a joke actually turned out to be a pretty good idea. (Works-for-me-Wednesday, anyone? Stop by Shannon’s for more great holiday tips!)

Since I stopped at one “ornament” we didn’t take any photos, but I will have some photos of the real decorations to post later. Hopefully, it won’t be too late for the Tour of Homes.

I’m going to Arkansas tomorrow to bring Sarah back for winter break, and we’ll be spending Christmas at home for the first time ever! Carl and I are excited about having our children gathered around our table for Christmas dinner that we prepared in our own kitchen.

All we need now is one of these.

**Update**  Sarah called me late Wednesday night just as Lindsey and I were getting ready to go and said she’s not coming.  Her dad stands behind her decision.  Our trip has been cancelled.  Please, please pray for my child. 



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9 responses to “It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

  1. Somehow, a video fireplace seems a little more white trash to me than a pine scented car air freshener. LOL

    It’s never too late to do the tour of homes. Jump right in!

    (Yay! Sarah’s coming home for Christmas!)

  2. I’m so happy for you that all of both of your kids will be with you in your own place. YAY!

    I cracked up with the thought of the pine air freshener on your tree. Good idea! I don’t like it in the car though, trying to cover up nasty cigarette smoke with fake pine just doesn’t do it (not my car!).

    I bought one of those pre-lit trees and returned it the next day because it was so incredibly heavy and cumbersome. Congratulations on getting it put together!

  3. How can you pray for me today? Please check out my last two posts and you’ll know!

  4. sheissocalm

    I’m gonna try that idea:)
    My kids would like that. I can be a game; like the German pickle in the tree.
    If you are not sure what a germen pickle ornament is…you’re gonna think that I’m nuts!

  5. Thanks for coming over and catching up. It’s been quite a journey! Thanks for your prayers – I also appreciate them!

    I’m so sorry that Sarah decided not to come – I’ve been over several times, but didn’t see the update. So sorry!

  6. Girl, you are crazy – pine-scented air fresheners for ornaments! HA!

  7. Ok girlfriend…it’s been too long since we’ve heard from you. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully to find your email/contact information….will do a little more searching (as opposed to ‘stalking!’) How are you? I’ve been by several times since Christmas…and thought of every idea to explain your absence….you’re on a long-well-deserved vacation—you’re terribly busy with your Custom T-shirt business…’re busy reading the Word….meditating day and night…..OFCOL! Where are you!

    You’re missed dear friend.


  8. I agree with Diane! It’s been fun having you stop by lately with comments. But I miss your dry wit, your spiritual insights, just you!

  9. Hi Brenda! thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Have a great day…

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