Yet Another Reason I Don’t Make Plans

By now you would think I’d have learned not to get my hopes up. So many times I have made plans only to have them change at the last minute. It can be frustrating, especially if you’re the type who doesn’t like flying by the seat of her pants. Since that’s the way I do most things, it’s a rare occasion that I actually do have a game plan, and once in a while it would be nice to have it work out. There’s something to be said for spontaneity, for sure, but come on. Can’t a gal get a break?

We postponed our trip to Arkansas to get Sarah, so I didn’t get to spend her birthday with her, and she missed out on Christmas day with us. Instead we went the following weekend and had Christmas with extended family at my mom’s. Sarah was there for that, but we couldn’t get her to come home with us for the last week of her winter break, even though we promised to have her back by the weekend. Her reason? She just doesn’t like Georgia.

She seems to think that by refusing to come here, she can force me to go there. So far it has worked. But no more. I mean who’s in charge here?

Oh, I’m not really complaining. I know all too well that I’m not in charge. Thank God!

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. ~ Proverbs 19:21

After that last act of defiance, I decided that I would wait for her to ask me to come see her, and I’m thinking that my answer will be “Well, I don’t really like Arkansas.”

Okay, maybe not, but I wonder how else she’ll realize that it’s not the best excuse. It’s not even a good one.

So, on to bigger and better things.

I haven’t shared with you that back in October, Lindsey and I attended a tent revival at the First Baptist Church down the street, which led to my joining that church a few weeks later. I’m lovin’ my ladies’ Sunday school class. And Bible study on Sunday evenings. And singing in the choir. It’s good to be home finally!

After choir rehearsal last Wednesday evening, we held officer elections, and I was “elected” alto representative. That should be interesting.

This morning after Sunday school, my teacher stopped me and said she thought I would be good teacher material. She asked me to consider leading the class from time to time.

I’m very excited about that! Lindsey asked if it meant that I wouldn’t be preaching at home so much since I’d have another outlet. Funny girl.

What it does mean is that I will be sharing what I’m learning with you, my faithful readers. It also means that once again, I have received confirmation that there is a very good reason for me to stay put.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a blessed week!



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5 responses to “Yet Another Reason I Don’t Make Plans

  1. Yay! She speaks again! 😉

    I’ve missed your posts and hope you do post more often.

    I’m glad you’re active in a local church. It won’t solve all your problems but it will certainly help. I hope God uses you in a mighty way there and here online, Brenda.

    Teenagers. Not much else you can say. It does get better after they turn 20, but they still have relapses occasionally. Not that I have much room to talk if you’d ask God about my attitude at times.

    Love you, girl!


  2. Missed you darlin’!

    Sorry you’re having to dig your heels in, but it’s probably for the best at this point. But Praise God you found a great Bible study! I wish we had that here. So far, we haven’t founda church that really worksfor us … sigh.

    Lovin you.


  3. I was JUST thinking about you and wondering what was up and where you were!

    So glad to see an entry–no matter how trying that little girl is being.

    I’m SOoooooo excited for you in that you’ve found a new church home that you’re genuinely excited about and that wants what you have to offer! That’s a sure sign you’re where He wants you. Says me…ha!…for what that’s worth. 😉

  4. Hey, welcome back to blogland once again. I’m sorry that Sarah is being such a pill – that is a prety lame excuse to now come and visit your mom!

    So glad you found a good church – such an important part of my life!

    Hey, come over and see the latest pix of the twins. Adorable!!

  5. I’m back – Kate is home!

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