We Interrupt this Blog…

Please pardon the interruption, but I couldn’t resist sharing this devotional with you.

Man, I wish I could write like that guy.   Seriously, you gotta read the rest of his blog.  I must warn you, though – you’ll need a tissue.



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2 responses to “We Interrupt this Blog…

  1. The parable of the lost son is a favorite of mine…by the way…a very late thank you for praying for my Dad and brother many moons ago. Please continue to pray for my Dad…thank you

  2. I was feeling rather insecure about my blog’s “junior high” reading level…until I saw yours was “elementary school.”
    My friend Big Doofus’s level is “infant” so don’t be dismayed.

    I am warmed to the inner core to know my “devotional” touched you. I’d love to team up with Max Lucado to write a devotional book together. Thought perhaps this was a good start.

    Thanks! I’m enjoying reading your thoughts too.

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