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Cell Phones and Teen Health

Studies show that cell phone usage may be hazardous to your health. Yeah, I know this is not news, but I find it interesting that of all the dangers mentioned here and in this article, as well as here, here, and here, there have been no warnings to teens about the hazards of excessive use of text messaging.  I know!  I’m outraged.

You’ve all seen the ridiculous warning labels they put on hairdryers, curling irons, and coffee cups.  Why are there no warning labels on cell phones?  I have half a mind to write to the manufacturers of these devices and demand action.

I’m thinking something like this might be an effective deterrent:  Warning!  Blatant disregard of plan limits is strongly discouraged.  Exceeding your minutes may have dire consequences, including, but not limited to, dismemberment and/or death, especially if your mother has already grounded you in the past for the same offense.  Now go to your room!  



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