Wisdom of a Young Wife

I haven’t shared much about my daughter’s wedding because there isn’t much to share.  She and her sweetheart were married in San Antonio while he was in Air Force Tech School.  It was a very small affair, with only a few of his classmates in attendance.  There will be a traditional ceremony eventually, perhaps on their first anniversary, when both families will gather to celebrate their union.  Hopefully, by then her parents will be in a better financial position to fund the occasion.

She stayed about a month in San Antonio, then returned home for the remainder of the summer to wait for him.  They left in September for Great Falls, Montana where he will be stationed for the next few years.

She calls me nearly every day to talk about everything and nothing.  I hear all about their trips to state parks, trips to the video store, furniture shopping, their dinner menu, and both sides of their petty arguments and major disagreements.  Apparently, her husband trusts me to be unbiased, because he’ll have her call me to help settle a dispute.  Not that they fight a lot.  Usually, it’s a minor difference of opinion that gets blown out of proportion.

In one particular instance, she didn’t share with me what they weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on, just that she happened to be proven right.  She said she told him, “Baby, when I say something and it sounds like I know what I’m talking about, you need to listen.”

Wise words indeed.



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6 responses to “Wisdom of a Young Wife

  1. Does that mean *you* didn’t go? 😦

    And if you *did* go, does that mean that you forgot to call me for a MIRL? 😦

  2. It does mean I didn’t get to go. If I had, I certainly would have tried to arrange a MIRL.

  3. You must have worked through a million different emotions this past year–no wonder you had no time for blogging.

  4. This is pretty big news, Brenda. So you’re a mother in law! Congratulations. That’s one safely settled and staying in touch with you, and one to go. You’re halfway there. 🙂

  5. Thanks for stopping by! What an interesting new blog site you have – there are always so many requests!

    I’m glad to hear that Lindsay (sp?) seems to be growing up and doing well! Montana is a fur piece from Georgia, eh??

  6. JLJ

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